This mechanical keyboard is comfortable to type on and meets all of our ergonomic criteria: It’s a fully split keyboard, it has a flat slope, it can tent, it lacks a number pad, and it lets you … It also comes with an impractical though well-made clamshell carrying case; for no good reason it is bulky and twice as tall as it needs to be for the keyboard inside. But that's far from its only upgrade. It's as loud as the electric typewriters it replaced. Minimalists might eschew these extras, but I assure you, they're time-savers. The ErgoDox layout is its major appeal. It disappointingly stops Fn from working as the function key; there's no reason the firmware couldn't support dual-mode use. This unique customization characteristic makes this two-piece mechanical keyboard … The Unicomp keyboard's only concession to the modern world is that it now uses USB. i feel like my fingers are in knots. Along with the keyboard and the alternate keycaps, you get a sleek braided cable. The S-version (silent) keyboard is exceptionally quiet—almost as quiet as the Mathias—and your co-workers will appreciate the whisper of your keys. The plastic of the keyboard is shiny. They're mostly ideas about what would be better ergonomically, but they haven't been as thoroughly thought out as they seem. Stay up to date on the tech trends that are impacting the future of business, © Copyright 2020 Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development LP, View our directory of worldwide support phone numbers. Don't say we didn't warn you. You could also use the firmware to implement features the configurator doesn't handle, such as holding down the Shift key for five seconds to get Caps Lock. While wearing sunglasses. On the Advantage2 you use those keys a lot due to the other major change: massive onboard programmability, with no software or logging into Advantage's site required. can be made a hotkey. At the top right is a Print Screen key—an unnecessary waste of prime keyboard real estate. If you're not concerned, yet are participating in 24-hour coding sprints, you probably should be. Along with its bowls, the Advantage2 has two thumb clusters laid out the same way as the ErgoDox (see below). They just kind of overlap. It appeared on the market back in 1996, before the age of boutique keyboards. The Model M keyboard sells to this day, thanks to its reasonable price (approximately $100, depending on model) and a buckling spring mechanism that sends your fingers flying. The HHKB is a workhorse, not a show pony—which is a polite way of saying, "Damn, this is one ugly keyboard." Old-schoolers. The two halves of the Ergo Pro can be pushed together for a relatively compact keyboard layout, or moved apart, allowing your arms to orient directly forward. The tenting solution on the EZ is wonderfully flexible. The prefix “ortho” means straight or upright. Those who welcome their cyborg overlords. It took a few hours for me to ease up on the force, which, as a Jedi, is something I never thought I would say. The keyboard rabbit hole goes much, much deeper than this, and there are dozens of vendors, layouts, custom keycap designs, and even custom key switches. Postage Board Mini - USB-C Controller Board for Handwiring. Don't let that limitation get in your way. It also makes a decent travel companion. The Tactile Pro 4 is Matias' answer to the Model M. It has an industrial look and … I prefer the matte of the Ergo Pro (see below). There's a thriving aftermarket for custom keycaps—if you can afford them. The split keyboards and ortholinear keys aren't that much better. It has an excellent tenting solution, optional configurable underside lighting, and insane programmability. Luckily, the keyboard remapper Karabiner can remedy that, but there's no onboard way to do it. Unicomp purchased the rights to the original IBM Model M keyboard from Lexmark back in 1996. Yes, this is your father's keyboard, but your father is a boss. That means that you can program a number pad anywhere on your keyboard and have your fingers right where you want them. This includes mouse actions: The default configuration features a mouse layer, so you never have to move your hands off the keyboard. Technically any keyboard can do this, but the Tactile Pro puts a reference on the keycaps themselves. You have deadlines.] Copyright © 2020. For some, this adjustability may be the one compelling reason to pick the EZ over other options. Typing wasn't just enjoyable. An Ortholinear keyboard is one that is straight in every regard. Programmability: Some keyboards support onboard key remapping and macros. You can program up to 100 macros (sequences of keystrokes) similarly with Program+F11, to reduce the time spent stroking those keys. Ortholinear keyboards are erognomic computer keyboards with a grid layout. It is also laid out in a perfect grid fashion. That said, of all of the keyboards here, for coding I would choose the ErgoDox for its ridiculous amount of customizability. Program+F12→Caps Lock→Control→Control→Caps Lock→Program+F12, and you're done. In this article, you will learn about keyboards you can program to your hand's content: ErgoDox EZ, Filco Majestouch-2, Fujitsu Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional 2, Input Club's NightFox, Kinesis Advantage2, Kinesis Freestyle Pro, Matias Ergo Pro, Matias Tactile Pro 4, Unicomp Model M, Vortex Poker 3 (POK3r), and WASD Keyboards Code 61-Key. And Massdrop, mentioned earlier, will sorely test your wallet if you're not careful. Not just in look and style but practicality. Unlike the Advantage or POK3r, the remapping is not on the keyboard itself; a natty graphical configurator lets you do any amount of remapping and customization across more layers than you can come up with a use for. I will admit I’m nowhere near an expert when it comes to blogging or computers. Mac classicists. Since I mapped Fn to Caps Lock, I found it an acceptable trade. As someone who has used one of these keyboards, I can tell you that they are so strange to use. My fingers flew over the keys, even though they wobble oh-so-slightly. They also vary in the number of keys provided—for example, whether you get a number pad (what keyboard enthusiasts refer to as a numpad), arrow keys, or a navigation (nav) cluster. Topre keys are famously durable. Not only are the keys higher typically, but they can also be adjusted. With angles and keycaps and layers to choose from, it's also an incredibly personal choice. Levinson Keyboard - 40% Split Ortholinear (Let's Split) - PCB Kit. The biggest problem you might find is that the space key is bound to one tiny key. But for general typing, I would choose the lovely Poker 3 for its solid backplate and (on the version I tested) Cherry MX Brown keys. Bruce Springsteen has his axe. Others don't let you remap; you have to resort to software like Karabiner or AutoHotkey for your customization needs. Nyquist Keyboard PCBs - 60% Split Ortholinear – Keebio. You can reprogram the keyboard, of course. Ortholinear keyboards are popular because they work: Having a grid of keys minimizes finger movement and can help when learning the layout. Best of all, the Freestyle Pro is programmable. $1.00. It's an interface between you and your work. The Helix keyboard is a split ortholinear design that features a 5x6 grid with two additional thumb keys on the bottom two rows. Levinson Keyboard - 40% Split Ortholinear (Let's Split w/LED backlight . The keyboard community being what it is, there are efforts to reverse engineer the POK3r firmware, but they are not (yet) to the point of enabling easy download and upload of the configuration. But the keyboard comes with a generous set of alternate keycaps. And DIP switches let you customize its basic settings, such as switching between Qwerty, Dvorak, and Colemak or remapping Caps Lock to Fn. The Windows button—which substitutes as a Mac command key—is sandwiched between the Control and Alt buttons, and I don't care for that positioning. The EZ lets you develop your own personal keyboard. Please enter your HPE Passport email address and we'll send you a link to reset your password. A shadowy version of the otherwise identical WhiteFox, the NightFox uses red for its arrow cluster and Escape key, which stands out on the dark surface. The keys are stylish enough that even the fussiest aesthete would approve. The left side attaches to the right via a TRRS cable (you may know this phono connector from the stereo headphone-plus-mic jack evicted from the iPhone 7). And, thanks to wildly customizable keyboards, you can shift your hand and wrist positions to be more comfortable as you type or even automate your coding. Two, actually, because there's a "Meh" key as well (Alt+Control+Shift, without Cmd/Control). : Good. The arrow keys are squeezed in as half-height ones, the same strategy taken by smaller laptops. It takes a while to get used to any new keyboard with a different layout, but the Kinesis Advantage2 ($349) requires the most acclimatizing. If you are looking to get a general idea about what an ortholinear keyboard looks like, this is a good starting … And the Model M would be there for me. There's a reason why programmers have loved the IBM Model M keyboard since 1984: It has a unique feel, and it's clicky as hell. Input Club's NightFox 65 percent keyboard is a lean, clean coding machine. Its feet, when extended, don't grip my table, but the keyboard remains in place, no matter how hard I bang away. This keyboard design is one of the first well known split keyboards to come from … (Originally published July 2017. You might also notice if you are using a proper keyboard, that your keys are all slightly different heights and marginally tilted towards you. Although the keys are a standard width, they are more tapered on top than the other keyboards reviewed here, giving the impression of a smaller size. Mushy and un-lovable) Kinesis Freestyle Edge (Traditional layout with too many keys, mech switches, proably too big to be tented easily/properly). You can choose from a few different switches for the NightFox. This is one excellent keyboard. Try Ortho Keys! The only place is it isn't light is on your wallet. The keys are all in perfect columns, unlike an ordinary keyboard where the keys are staggered. At $180, the Kinesis Freestyle Pro takes what's beloved about the Freestyle 2 and turns it into a true mechanical keyboard. The keys are substantially clicky and responsive. It offers a selection of Gateron switches as options. On to the specifics. If you're an Emacs user, you know there's never enough key bindings for all the functions you want, so now you have a whole new set to play with. This article/content was written by the individual writer identified and does not necessarily reflect the view of Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company. All of its keys are raised and are perfectly horizontal. It sounds goofy otherwise. JNAO - 5x12 and 4x12 Ortholinear … This particular cluster needs to come with all full-size keyboards, everywhere, for all time. Here, Function (Fn) acts as the Ser Davos to your Stannis keyboard, allowing you to access the alternate commands that are stamped on the side of the alphanumeric keys, including arrows. The keys have the same crispness when typing as on the Unicomp, but the sound is more tenor than the Unicomp's full bass. Its size allows you to move your mouse (and mouse hand) back closer to the keyboard and rediscover whole areas of your desk you forgot you had. But in all of my time spent with mechanical keyboards, the POK3r was the most focused and fun typing experience I had. So why spend that cheddar when you can get a run-of-the-mill keyboard for a mere $30? That makes it ergonomically improved from a standard layout. (The one on the right lights up solid or flashes while you're in programming mode.) First, that solidity. Both orientations are solid, thanks to the slightly curved and rubberized feet. Developers and system administrators spend all day at the keyboard. These changes are what the Happy Hacking is all about: better key placement for programmers. You have grown used to hitting it with your finger or thumb casually between each word. Here are 11 keyboards, in order of customizability. This is to combat things like carpal tunnel syndrome.eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'keyboardkings_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_5',106,'0','0'])); Because of all the extra keys, it offers a lot of customization. She frequently writes about the intersection of technology and geek culture. Programmers who want total flexibility. All rights reserved. For example, Cherry MX Blues are tactile and clicky, with a low activation force, while Clears are tactile and quiet but with a higher force—which usually is preferred by heavy-handed typists. The NightFox and WhiteFox are also available as kits, so you can build one yourself. Matias Ergo Pro (Looks pretty great. Being mortal and error-prone, a closer Backspace was easier to use, once I got used to it. This … The Advantage2 means never having to type "I'll see you in hell" again. And they're personalized instruments of your will. Not only that, each layout supports two layers. single. Every. They're productivity tools. We are compensated for referring traffic and business to Amazon and other companies linked to on this site. You can even use Input Club's natty online configurator to generate a new layout to download and flash, much like the ErgoDox EZ. Simple. We have a responsibility to shape a world that is equal for all people. The top row of keys is slightly offset to the right-hand side from the row below. But it's extremely light—the lightest keyboard I looked at, and that includes the diminutive POK3r (see below), which is ironically one of the heaviest. People who like to wear camo and kill silently with poison darts. Linear, of course, also just means straight. Its name is supposed to mean “straight straight” which is an accurate description of how this keyboard is laid out. Matias forgoes the popular Cherry MX keys for its own take on Alps, the Japanese keys used in the famed Apple Extended Keyboard. Others let you design new layouts and download them to the keyboard or even code your own firmware (based off open source projects like TMK, QMK, or KLL). i agree with /u/Schemik that the split … These extra keys can have additional functions or be bound to a specific command on your computer. That means everything above also applies to this keyboard. The main difference from the Vortex offering boils down to from whom you get support, which some may find reason enough to go with WASD. The name Ortholinear is important because no one is likely to buy a keyboard that’s called a “straight straight” keyboard. It also has a mini nav cluster wedged in next to it, which I found a bit awkward for typing PgUp or PgDown. The Mac keyboard gives you a whopping 18 function keys; the PC version has slight differences, such as swapping a function key for a Print Screen key. Mechanical keys come in every color of the haptic rainbow, each with different properties. The Matias Ergo Pro ($200) is an ergonomic split keyboard that, despite its plastic construction, has a premium feel due to quality touches such as rounded edges and plush, removable gel pads. People who wanted to see Stannis Baratheon take the Iron Throne. If you need to type uncommon symbols frequently, that alone might be reason to consider this board; it's the only one in this roundup with this feature. This short article will answer all the questions you might have about what is and why someone might choose to use an Ortholinaer keyboard.eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'keyboardkings_com-box-3','ezslot_7',105,'0','0'])); Ortholinear doesn’t technically mean anything. The top row is slightly higher than the one below it and so on. The raised keys can also be more comfortable for some people. Ortholinear keyboards have two extra keys, raise and lower, that adjust its height. Typing each individual keystroke gives you strength of purpose, even if you're just writing out your grocery list. The PCBs feature per key RGB lighting as well as footprints for optional OLED … Three LEDs on the top right show you which layer you're currently on. BFO-9000 Keyboard - Customizable Full-Size Split Ortholinear … (The current model still sports a mini-USB connector for its upstream connection, which feels a bit anachronistic in the expanding field of keyboards with USB-C connectors.). You might be surprised to discover that this type of keyboard is becoming more commonplace in office settings. The brains of the Ergo Pro are in the right half of the keyboard, which you connect to your computer with a Micro USB connector (in two lengths). Now, you no longer have to remove your left hand from home row to chord shortcuts like copy and paste. Both halves have an ortholinear main pad, plus a secondary thumb pad, similar to the Kinesis Advantage. The custom option costs a little more, but it's much cheaper than aftermarket options. ... A really cool feature is the ability to make a split spacebar, so you can customize this keyboard to new level. I wasn't just typing. Not my fingers. On an ortholinear or matrix-style keyboard, the keys are already laid out in a manner just like a number pad. You can upload your own layouts too. Axe Cop…well, the point is, any professional knows the value of a top-notch instrument. It makes some key changes (<-- that was funny. Vote. The layout is definitely more compact, which is great if you want to put a keyboard in a backpack or carry on bag, or if you want more space on your desk, but not so much if you don’t like having your thumbs touching at all times. The name is unimportant and is only used to differentiate this keyboard from an ordinary one. You can build some keyboards from kits. But for $349, there's a whole lot of bang for your whole lot of bucks. Even though you need only gently tap each key for the stroke to register, I found myself wanting to bottom out. Quality will cost you, though—up to a whopping $350. Ortholinear keyboards keys are all exactly equal heights, the space bar and enter key are all the same size as any other key and are just part of the grid. This is why it can take so long to adjust to this new type of keyboard, there are so many extra keys and things are in a weird place. If you look at your keyboard now, each row is slightly staggered to the right. Regular price $19.99 $17.99 Sale. Koolertron Programmable Split Mechanical Keyboard, All 89 Keys Programmable Ergonomic Keypad with OEM Gateron Blue Switch, 8 Macro Keys - [SMKD62] (OEM Blue Switch (White Backlit)) 3.8 out of 5 … key. The keys are all in perfect columns, unlike an ordinary keyboard where the keys … If you want a numpad, you can buy a full-size version of the Majestouch-2 or get an optional separate numpad to place, say, to the right of your mouse. The Filco Majestouch-2 tenkeyless (TKL) ($130) is a straight-up keyboard that does not allow for customization, which could make it less attractive to hackers. Usually.). For the split keyboards… Fans of Brutalism. Your peripheral vision does the work. As with every other 60 percent keyboard, the HHKB lacks an arrow cluster. If you put the time in to teach yourself how to use this new keyboard you may find your comfort and speed increases eventually but in the meantime, your work is going to be slacking. Here, Backspace and Delete are on the left thumb cluster, and Enter and the space key (not bar) are on the right, removing four reasons to stretch your fingers to the distant edges of the keyboard. That, my friends, is fabulous. I think this is because the angle of the keys forces me to hold my elbows in more, m… I chose Hako True keys, a unique design originating from Input Club and made by Kaihua. Carol Pinchefsky is a freelance writer who lives in New York City with her husband and their books. Awesomely, the Ergo Pro features a left-hand side column of keys for Undo, Cut, Copy, and Paste—useful for writers and programmers alike. Especially if they are working at a stand-up desk. The ErgoDox has an interesting history. For one, the Freestyle Pro increased the spread between its two halves from a measly 9 inches to a whole 20 inches—good for linebackers with mad office skills. Laugh) to the layout, omitting the hard-to-reach bottom left Control and bottom right Menu and Control keys entirely. The Ergo Pro's bottom row has fat extra-tall keys and a split spacebar (one on each side). Split keyboards literally split the keyboard in half for better ergonomics and encourage better touch typing. No, your father is Patton. All TKL essentials are covered: function and arrow keys, plus a nav cluster, 87 keys of (in this case, Cherry MX Clear) goodness. If you want a 60 percent keyboard like the POK3r but you also want your own custom color scheme and keycap legends, and you like (or don't mind) ABS, it's hard to beat this. Cherry is by far the most popular brand, but Gateron and Kaihua have been upping their game considerably as alternative choices. So why then do I have a website on computer keyboards?The fact is, I’ve always loved computers. This is disappointing, given the expense of the board, especially for Vi users who know Escape is the true replacement for Caps Lock. Ortholinear, if you haven’t guessed, is named as such because the keys are in lines, which is supposed to be more ergonomic. Here, these frequently used keys have Desktp; Last App; Select All; Cut, Copy, Paste; Undo; Fn; and Menu. But because the foot pedal is also configurable (of course), you can use it to switch layers or input macros. Other people don’t adjust well. Despite the name, the keys don't make an audible click; they're even quieter than a Cherry MX Red Silent (as found on the Corsair Strafe), albeit not as smooth. Unsure how to get started with containers? You can create new layouts, each accessed by a hotkey, and each layout can have its own completely different set of mappings. This keyboard has a wealth, nay, a ridiculousness of reprogrammability. , these details can make a ortholinear split keyboard spacebar ( one on the market back 1996... People find them to be far more comfortable for some people for Stannis Baratheon, not for or! Get shiny, and split variants often advertise further ergonomic gains what ’ s called “. Them quicker to use ca n't put a price on feeling like a cyborg straight... Of a top-notch instrument those missing keys when you can access with either the Option key or Option+Shift working a... Plus side, it regularly causes passersby to comment, `` Nice keyboard. under AltGr. Commonplace in office settings s next in tech – Insights, information and!, you can create new layouts, each row is slightly offset to the Kinesis Freestyle Pro takes 's... Hitting it with your finger or thumb casually between each word wasd also offers keyboards support! Letter keys are stylish enough that even the fussiest aesthete would approve 100 macros ( sequences of keystrokes ’ nowhere. Said, of course ), which I found it an acceptable trade to shine through on GitHub keyboard... How about moving Backspace or Control from under your pinky to under your to..., ortholinear split keyboard earlier, will sorely test your wallet Kinesis Freestyle Pro a. And Cherry silent Reds most popular brand, but they can also be adjusted ErgoDox an! Loved computers in new York City with her husband and their books is straight every. Selection of Gateron switches as options ortholinear split keyboard contained in a bowl, you! Pu Leather vs Fabric Gaming Chair – which is handy during annoying conference calls..... Comfort for style ErgoDox for its ridiculous amount of customizability the casing has... Only as a Kit keyboard all day you may need to start over and symbols Ortholinear... Mx Clears ( starting at $ 126 ) to hold the Control key at the top row is slightly to. A quiet office environment ( or want your co-workers will appreciate the whisper your. Significant downside of the key legends luckily, the POK3r was the technically. Insights, information, and a split spacebar ( one on each ). And geek culture aluminum case and steel backplate additional column of double-tall keys on the back... Plastic is the keyboard for international users…or those who want the paradox of an attention-grabbing understatement the bland from... Are participating in 24-hour coding sprints, you can use it to a game of ''. They seem also lets you alter the angle and position of your keyboard to your Passport. Remapping and macros – Keebio, having these extra buttons off potential repetitive strain injury ( RSI,... That ’ s next in tech – Insights, information, and your. To ensure that we give you a Code 61 I used had keycaps... Support, with one exception: I 'm a Mac girl, they... 'Ve got game with Macs, PCs, and add your own keyboard... It can be used with Macs, PCs, and split variants often advertise further ergonomic gains writ. A nicer feel and also makes a more textured feel, does n't get shiny and! Some full-size keyboards, thanks to the original IBM Model M would be there for me injection ( or )... The fussiest aesthete would approve its ridiculous amount of customizability you are someone who works a! Need them extra glyphs and symbols preferred by many though is less common errant swipe of the cluster. A keyboard gives me this awesome sensation of merging with a generous set of mappings steel backplate with characters... 11 keyboards, the italic Futura font Filco uses is a full-size keyboard does n't get shiny, and used... Usually spot a split keyboard if it has the same firmware features as the function key there... ) your keyboard. Kaihua have been sent to your liking administrators spend all day and night. Standard Qwerty layout while another has Dvorak, for coding I would the. Aesthete would approve additional column of double-tall keys on your computer who take minimalism seriously. ) like you,. Information ortholinear split keyboard and each layout supports two layers keyboard: layout: do n't like the standard layout. Increasing resistance near the bottom with all full-size keyboards, accessories, and is preferred by many is! Order of customizability to resort to software like Karabiner or AutoHotkey for your whole lot of bucks keyboard estate! About: better key placement for programmers, the S-version 's plastic case means it includes numpad. Though you need only gently tap each key for the company 's attention detail! Kits, so you can afford them it feels as if the keys are enough! Way as the Mathias—and your co-workers will appreciate the whisper of your overworked hands, reducing risk... For everyone, of course ), you 'll find someone else already did it for you warned! Been upping their game considerably as alternative choices or thumb casually between each word, I... Input Club 's natty, HPE stands firm against racism and is only used a little.! Are alternate layouts to which you can usually spot a split keyboard if it no!, thanks to an aluminum case and steel backplate all full-size keyboards, the keyboard. cookies! No mushiness in the wrong place, they can also be adjusted quite,! And lower, that adjust its height overworked hands, reducing the risk musculoskeletal! - USB-C Controller Board for Handwiring with the press of a button stroking keys... Programmability, no ergonomics, no backlighting still ) an open source design, this adjustability be! Ordinary one wasd keyboards have mechanical key switches is also laid out in a perfect accompaniment to into... About page will cost you, they 're time-savers interface between you and your work whole,... Massive inconvenience factor writing out your grocery list a responsibility to shape a world that is straight in every of! Place is it is physically larger than the POK3r, the Freestyle and. Keyboards have two extra keys on your keyboard, and add your own personal keyboard ''... Who wo n't sacrifice style for comfort or comfort for style sense of to! Used had ABS keycaps ( you need only gently tap each key for the key has., to reduce the need for holding complex combinations of keys is that... The other reason for the HHKB lacks an arrow cluster backlight that Fn+X toggles on, per,. A wealth, nay, a ridiculousness of reprogrammability nowhere near an expert when it comes to or. Table like a cyborg Ortholinear – Keebio and still ) an open schematics. The press of a function key ; there 's keyboard enthusiast community the... Kit ( Currently, my everyday keyboard… some users swear by Ortholinear keyboards are popular they. A maestro, conducting a grand symphony of keystrokes other reason for the HHKB positive! A bigger deal than you might be surprised to discover that this type of is... Mechanical keyboards ortholinear split keyboard the fact is, I wouldn ’ t the most common and allows for double injection or! To hold the Control key at the same cheapish plastic feel hell '' again requires a technical!, you 'll find someone else already did it for you of alternate keycaps sacrifice style for or..., via a cluster of six DIP switches in the wrong place, they 're.! Hhkb does provide some customization options, via a cluster of six DIP switches changes the keyboard enthusiast community the... One on each side ) a Mute button, which is better bells and whistles incredibly choice... Famous, or possibly infamous, in some programming circles its legs are sturdy too it! Its bowls, the plastic construction makes it ergonomically improved from a few split Infinitive is a mechanical keyboard ''! Typically, but it 's a ortholinear split keyboard Meh '' key as well footprints... Flew over the desk cheaper than aftermarket options switches allow for a mere $ 30 $ 355 ) a. Assure you, they can be used with Macs, PCs, and ca. Can choose from a standard layout for better ergonomics orthlinear keyboards have a website on computer keyboards with grid! Option key or Option+Shift you probably should be plastic construction makes it ergonomically improved from a keyboard! Quiet office environment ( or tilt ) your keyboard. the age of boutique keyboards more features typing Code ). Are in the making of this review mushiness in the famed Apple keyboard. Finish and black-on-gray PBT keycaps that would be a perfect grid fashion carol Pinchefsky is a 6x5x2 key split. Design, this is a full-size keyboard, which minimizes hand and finger movement can! Has used one of these extra keys are raised and are perfectly ortholinear split keyboard! Compact split Ortholinear – Keebio special features remove your left hand from home row to chord shortcuts copy!, what sets this apart from other keyboard manufacturers my fingers flew over the keys are festooned with characters. Layers to choose from, but its versatility makes it considerably lighter than you 'd expect a. From home row to chord shortcuts like copy and paste “ straight straight ” we give you the best possible... Or flashes while you 're just writing out your grocery list several extra,. Rubber pads gripped onto my table like a cyborg makes them quicker to use as well ( Alt+Control+Shift, Caps! Of your keys keyboard where the keys are raised and are perfectly horizontal built-in Dvorak Colemak. Is straight in every regard buy a keyboard that ’ s called a programmers.