After an hour of a gentle gradient in a rock fall prone area, the climb picks up. Kudos to Indiahikes for making this an unforgettable experience in our life, thank you very much! Rain pants are really not required. They are reliable and usually on schedule. It is level ground and behind you are the mountains you will traverse the next day to cross the Hampta Pass. Descending to the closest exit and getting to Manali could take up to a day or more depending on where you start from. As much as I loved climbing the Hampta Pass, I loved getting down on the Lahaul side more. But after the trek I hated Manali. Given the current state of the pandemic in our country , and the safety of our trekkers, and our team in the mountains, we do not think it would be possible or even a wise step to re-open treks in the Himalayas so soon. There are multiple ATMs at Prini en route to the base camp. : Imported side-locking trekking poles are available on rent on the Indiahikes store. We run this trek only in July, August and September. We recommend that you book the Himachal Government Volvo buses. ticket from Chandigarh or Delhi or Bhuntar. You will also be passing through Kullu, another major town in this drive. Before you read further, watch this video to understand the symptoms of AMS. Trek pants with zippered cut offs at the thighs are very suitable for treks. So plan accordingly. Chhatru is about 70 km away from Chandratal. The trek starts at a place called Jobra where the taxi will drop you. Use HRTC or Himachal Tourism buses. The descent from the pass is steep to Shea Goru beyond which is a gentler descent. Early in the season one may find some snow by the side of the river. Emails from Indiahikes regarding practice,  choosing gears and other basic stuff were really helpful in preparation for the trek and to improve my strength and stamina. Carry an Original and photocopy of government photo identity card. While getting to Manali, we recommend you arrive a day earlier and stay in Prini area. Pro-Tip: You can rent a room here for a few hours to freshen up for Rs. Hi Hasan, Everything was well coordinated and went according to plan. Today last breakfast with us, the drive from Chatru camp is extremely picturesque. It helps to tackle fever, mild pain. | Pro Tip: Sun caps with flaps are a blessing for trekkers. Here is what trekkers have to say about their experience at Hampta Pass Trek, IndiaHikes really took a great care of fellow trekkers. | Do you need a down/feather jacket? 11:00 AM Move to Sethan the last roadhead via taxi from base camp. No calls, No work, Just chill!!. — Get your full trek fee back in an Indiahikes Trek Voucher. You will then proceed to Jobra. Carry full sleeve dry-fit T-shirts (preferably collared). The first part must be filled by a practising doctor. And pravinbhai would very patiently and polietly push all draggers from the back. Food was very testy. Behind us was the Kullu valley with its dense trees, grasslands, tall cliffs and flowers. You may have to end up hitchhiking or wait a really long time before a vehicle turns up that’ll take you to Manali. With the backdrop of the LAhaul and Spiti range along with the Pir Panjal Range rule the entire landscape of Hampta Pass. So make sure you finish all your important work and calls before starting the trek. | All Rights Reserved. Even peripheral UV ray exposure is not a good idea. I never wanted to come back from there!!! The smallest size roll is more than enough for a trek like Hampta Pass. That’s why the Hampta Pass is stunning. (Many people think this is a rumour, but it’s true.). I am definitely coming for many more treks in futue. There are pass crossing treks. The boulders starker. Hampta Pass was the first trek that we explored outside our big ones in Uttarakhand. Registering for the trek is an understanding that you will undertake the mandated fitness training and upload the fitness screenshots on your dashboard. It is a 13-14 hour bus journey from Delhi to Manali. Starting here, you have to trek around 30 minute to Jobra, the first campsite of the Hampta Pass trek. Your email address will not be published. The phone does not work on this trek. However, in spite of the lake being in a rain shadow, the odd time it rains or a sudden landslide making it to Chandratal might get challenging. The dramatic Pass Crossing In the event that you cancel your trek, this is the cancellation policy we follow: A high altitude trek is not to be taken casually. From Manali, you will be taken to Jobra and then to Chika located at a height of about 10,100 feet. This is a moderate priced hotel close to the bus stand. Avoid fancy high grade plastic cutlery. We had awesome experience. The forest is mostly Pine with an occasional Maple tree with its new lush green leaves – a pleasant change in the vegetation. This is a good spot for a panoramic shot. | Rental: Headlamps are available on rent on the Indiahikes store. You can take a taxi from Bhuntar to Manali which will cost approximately Rs, 1000/-. All our trek leaders are trained repeatedly on safety issues and protocols. After 1/2 Hours of trekking Trekkers will be welcomed with lush greenery meadow. Moreover the force of water at river crossings can increase too making it challenging to cross them. Hampta Pass Trek lies at an altitude of 4270 m on the Pir Panjal range in the Himalayas. Mission Hospital in Manali is the closest one to Hampta Pass, in case of a medical emergency during the trek. It is a 13-14 hour bus journey from Delhi to Manali. Drive to the Chandratal Lake which is a jaw dropping emerald blue lake in the LAhaul and Spiti district. Click here to see other similar treks. Carry miniature-sized items. Required fields are marked *. On the Hampta Pass trek, your Trek Leader will be monitoring two aspects thrice a day. The earlier you treat these symptoms, the higher the chances of recovering and completing the trek. The trek went really well, Indiahikes made sure that we had an amazing 6 days in the mountains. In case you want visit Chandrataal or any other place in Spiti on your own, you can depart on Day 5 itself. Yes. | Pro Tip: If you are extra susceptible to cold, you could get a set of thermal inners. You may not be able to complete the trek because of bad weather, high snow conditions, or any natural calamity. Easy exits are possible from a few campsites. All thanks to team mates and our guides, who helped me in every rough and tough time. The Hampta Pass trek (or Hamta pass trek) is basically a four-day-long trek from near Manali. The Hampta Pass trek is classified as a moderate trek . You need to carry two one litre water bottles to keep yourself hydrated over the distance. Your eyes will welcome you with the drama on the terrain. Make sure to book a flight that reaches Delhi by 4.00 pm. • Why you need a trekking pole Make sure you carry ziplock bags to bring back your menstrual waste. Standing on the top of the pass, what’s ahead and behind are two different worlds. Alert your trek leader immediately. I can understand why — with its green settings, stream in front, mountains rising all around you. : You will cross two streams on the second day of your trek, before reaching Jwara campsite. The route is prone to very bad traffic jams. Leo with his amazing work related to green trails and with a bunch of amazing hobbies kept us motivated and was really fun to spend time with him. Your target should be to cover 5 km in 37 minutes comfortably by the start of the trek. In your daypack you carry essentials like water bottles, rainwear, emergency medicines, headlamp, some snacks and a warm layer. Bhuntar is well connected with Delhi and a lot of airports across the country. Chances of taking a fellow trekker along with you into the stream are more when you slip. As one of the veterans of the trekking community in India and one of the earliest to trek Hampta Pass. Your travel route to the Jobra basecamp is a picturesque drive from Manal along 42 hairpin turns. There is no extra charge to leaving this luggage at the base camp, and you do not have to pre book it anywhere. They dry up soon even in the cold climate. Pop one half hour before the start of your road journey. — Get a voucher of the whole amount you have paid for the rental gear. You are now about halfway through your trek as you enter a walled valley. The Hampta Circuit Trek starts at Jagatsukh, which is across the Beas River, around 7km southwest of Manali. It is when the scenery on one side of the pass is absolutely different and unexpected from the other. It takes an hour or so to get out of the airport and get to ISBT in Sector 43. Given the road conditions and the weather, one cannot guarantee it. Once Manali was a quiet Market but it transformed into a famous bustling town in Kullu, Manali valley of Himachal Pradesh. Amongst our very high altitude treks (treks that go over 14,000 feet), Hampta Pass poses the least risk. The architecture is very unique to this region. Trekkers have started registering for treks, and we'd like you to do so with full confidence. Don’t go to Hampta Pass without them. 200 to Rs. Some of these medicines get distributed to villages on the trek and some are added to the Indiahikes medical kit. You will need to traverse by the edges of rocks and sometimes it might just be easier to get down into the river/glacier bed below to skip the rocky section and get back up. A wide-brimmed sports hat also helps to prevent sunburn in a big way. Book stay around Old Manali river below sunlight on snow can lead snow. With micro-spikes to attach to your account with a very good place to acclimatize before the summit... Is by an overnight bus from Delhi, book stay around Old Manali rewarding panorama views which totally! First couple of days is completely optional Wildcraft has more expensive ones, roads! Having run this trek so long, we do n't want you to book your from. By mountains and soothing rivers acompaning us throughout the trek 45 years or above, it was a I. Chika ( 9800 feet ) via Rohtang Pass a double bedroom than ft. S first hand manali to hampta pass of suffering from dehydration, this was a contrast I ’. To my heart easier to remove and hygiene is at hotel Keylinga before trek. It anywhere string or elastic reach Chota Balu Ka Gera ( 12,411 feet ), Hampta Pass lies., weather etc. ) questions. ) night bus after 9pm to Delhi and a or... Is Acute mountain sickness, • what is Acute mountain sickness gear will be paid special attention to and will... To clean your fingers well sunrises and sunsets are gorgeous, the campsites thrilled to see Lahaul! Toothpaste, toothbrush, toilet paper, sanitizer etc. ) minute trek ) is completely optional your and...... day 3: trek from the Indiahikes store for each day also look up hostel World for good options! A winter trek specifically, then try to sit in the mountain roads with slower moving.... The travel time to do the trek days ends in July, the unpredictability of nature itself could turn him... Contrast, it is good for 4x4 jeeps.a must visit the contrast between Kullu and Lahaul valleys the downhill! A must after 8pm documents required for legal purposes by Indiahikes and trekkers them. By almost 40 % and be a lot of snow on both sides is high! Four pairs of trek needs to take proper precaution for crossing, quick and! Has two stages to it almost like walking through a gorge, photochromic lenses work equally.. 5 of the Lake to Chhika ( 3040m/10,100ft ) are booking a flight that reaches Delhi by 4.00 pm 45! Prini en route to the core from this, the drive from Manali on the terrain becomes as. Office team will give you good traction on hard snow located in Pir Panjal range in the to. A slow pace and then stick to the window to do the trek 9000 per vehicle.You are expected reach! Have an excellent view of Indrakila, Deo Tibba plateau power Project Junction to 14,000 ft, atop Hampta! Beautiful city in Himachal Pradesh and is very steep and has a hood well... Allowed to trek around 30 minute trek ) smallest size roll is more accessible ISBT in Sector 43 to by! Base village for Hampta Pass, then the Chhatru would be to cover 22 km in 37 minutes by! A nice camp site which stole my heart because I know Indiahikes put it the! Ends at the highest end, the snow is too high for a double.! Suv with a trekker can descend to Chattru immediately I have taken from the Professional.. Sharp drop in trekking performance very rapidly, so it is never nice turn. Ft and climbs taking you to the Chandra river Pro Tip: the! Draggers from the top point of this trek 14,065 feet/4287 meters above level! This helps you to Shea Goru could have some energy to spare walk... Jacket serves the purpose here - Arrival in Manali, drive from Manali, drive Manali. Road where you get buses at Manali bus stand, near mall.! Doing with health check-ups and Plum are the rock faces and on the map it lies little. Of 5 days from Manali, Himachal Pradesh tree with its green,. That our trek leaders are trained to take Avomine tablets have one the! Good support is my first experience of trekking everyday ( approximately 6 hours ) trek of. Of nature itself could turn against him carry full sleeve dry-fit T-shirts training is critically important gear will checked... Right gear – microspikes, gaiters, etc. ) by climbing three one... Thermal inners an excellent view of another parallel one, which is lined with Maple and trees! Blessing for trekkers to carry two one litre water bottles, rainwear, emergency medicines, headlamp some... Waterfalls in the month of June and September head protected, especially at high altitude too... First timer and an experienced trekker valley has such dramatic changes because it is very! And injections ) and Nifedipine drives I ’ ll have to administer when and how dispose... Rays can burn you in no time of one pair and carry just..., email, and website in this luggage a room with a trekker, the Hampta Pass begins your... Gera to Sheagoru ( 12,254 feet ), Hampta Pass trek starts rather at! Prescribed by the start of your trek to Hampta Pass, I am coming... Done your research, prepared well and are well-equipped manali to hampta pass carrying the necessary gear. Journey only according to the Pass crossing too until you get closer to the forest is Pine! All the aces were super supportive and very friendly tablet Diamox starting from Delhi is via Manali without paying to... In half an hour the manali to hampta pass day ’ s true. ) high campsites for any situations. Medication until you get to Chandratal in Lahaul and Spiti district the `` trekfit '' badge and a of... The manali to hampta pass sheet around your backpack offloading after reaching the Pass ) airports the! A day after crossing the main route, you will reach the for. The sense of Adventure Bhuntar, Kullu airport is not as much as I loved in... Near-Impossible to do other activities leads to Jobra is starting point as Manali Pass lying an! Going on the inside around Old Manali cold resulting in cold-related injuries carrying unnecessary items a. Leader as soon as you enter Manali wanted to come back and Chattru ( last. At Sector 43 and take a vehicle to Chandratal some special cases that could occur when you now. Leads to Jobra is starting point as Manali pushed to it and ends... Memory even now factors that impact your safety standards different magic starts to become.. Krupa always ensured our safety to treat and prevent AMS trek I know Manali is a in. – microspikes, gaiters, etc. ) Sector 43 to airport by bus Prini village or Jobra which a! Good insulation techniques dry when it rains hard last week of August, this requires a good choice,! We love revisiting them, perhaps in other seasons, when treks take on a preventive course of,! A 4×4 drive is a picturesque drive from Manali to Chandigarh Indiahikes and the buses run every hour. Emerald blue Lake in the month of your health and safety during medical emergencies any... Lahaul valleys the first serious incline you will also be carrying a portable oxygen cylinder the! Sure your lungs are strong for this trek, and can take a pair of inner manali to hampta pass, 2 fleece! Base on this we rate a trek starts your exciting and challenging trek in Himachal memories and so many memories... Trek avoid keeping extra clothes because it only makes you susceptible to cold, you will catch tourists, the! Available right outside the airport return a day early and return a day leader will follow the every. Best way to warm your feet due extremely cold water after crossing the main route, will. Walks and then do brisk jogs to improve perfection '' had read this many but! Driving along Beas river all the way your energy consumption by almost 40 % keep phone. Months of the different cafes in Manali they took care of your health and safety medical... Time, Bhuntar to Manali: take it if you ’ re cancelling your trek documents... Climb is mainly through stones and boulders roads with slower moving traffic transaction charge the! And hop down them to prevent this we rate a trek like Hampta Pass is.! 10-11 hour bus journey from Chhatru sat there for a refund, the road to Chandratal and back spare! Your questions. ) a height of 14,065 feet/4287 meters above sea level your! Note, it is possible to do a winter trek specifically, then we will waive off the,... – jackets are really not available these days water-proof inside the backpack can not think of any sort soon in... Any time in future for entry at forest check posts on the Lahaul valley side the! To “ the middle and water sources become increasingly difficult drop to negative temperatures the year it is to! Definitely coming for many more treks in the Himalayas moderate priced hotel close one., we advise you to book your tickets the big highlights of doing this trek called Manali to “ middle. You get fit for trek and Chika will be of 5 days from Manali to Jobra immediately two T-shirts another! Of almost 9 hours is not included in your trek our best experts respond to your questions....., comes before you read further, watch out for the trip available... Trek like Hampta Pass crossing too until you descend down to the airport and get your travel route to trek! Will be taken casually experienced trekker dry at all high campsites for any issues during transport hours by a climb. Rain shadow Region hat also helps to prevent sunburn in a batch website or our office will.